Birthdays and Not Letting Age Define You

Last week it was my birthday

On the back of my blog from last week and acknowledging one of the points raised about not wanting my age to define me or be a limit, I find myself wanting to think

  • “Oh my gosh, I’m almost 30” or
  • “I’m so old!”

But every time the thought tries to enter my head, I push it away before it even forms or I distract myself with something else because I do not want to allow myself to be limited by my age

If I allow myself to think these things now, then the same thoughts will occur at least every birthday if not at random times during the year when I act in a manner, dress in a manner, or display myself in a manner that society has deemed not “age-appropriate”. I don’t want to be overwhelmed by negative thoughts every single birthday when, in reality, it’s a time to celebrate myself (which I am aiming to be doing every day anyway)

Isn’t it funny the number of people who message or say to us “you’re so old now!” As a joke, but also not as a joke. If I’m being honest, I have probably said that recently too without thinking about it and attempting to make a light-hearted comment. When a few people said to me last week as I actively shoved those thoughts away, I basically said what I write here now; I don’t want my thoughts and feeling to be dictated by age, I don’t want whatever goals and aspiration I set to be limited by age either (yes I recognise some specific scenarios can be age limiting, but with technology these days, are they really?”

These markers of success have dogged us our whole lives! Finish school by a certain age, get a degree within a certain period, have a good job, buy a house, get married, have children all by a certain socially acceptable age.

Well I’m deciding they they’re no longer relevant to me.

They shouldn’t be relevant to anyone, but only you can make that decision for yourselves.

So, for the first time, on my birthday, I didn’t feel the pressure of getting older. I took it on the chin and actively feeling no emotional attachment to my age. Maybe, in the future, I will even learn positive emotions associated with my getting older. But for now, I don’t mind when that happens, as long as I’m not being held back by my age, that positivity and appreciation will occur when it happens and not a minute before.

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