By Brittany Tasesa

I want to be a wild girl.

I want to be a wild girl.

Tangles in her hair, mud between her toes, freedom in her heart;

Unbound, untamed, unhinged.

I want to be a quiet girl.

Gently navigating the world, unobtrusively observing but never observed;

A single ripple amongst waves.

I want to be a strong girl.

Immovable like the mountain, she is courageous and relentless;

Regardless of the season.

I want to be a dreamy girl.

Filled with unfettered yearning, lost in luxurious fanasies;

She is whimsical and hopeful.

I want to be a fierce girl.

With eyes that roar and a presence that never commands;

Unfiltered, unrelenting, unapologetic.

I want to be a soft girl.

Feet in the grass, gaze to the stars, tears to the soil;

Intuitive, intentional and unashamed of her depths.

I want to be all of them all at once.

I want to be wild and quiet, strong and dreamy, fierce and soft.

I want to be everything else in between.

I want to cycle between them whenever and wherever.

Without fear, expectation or pressure.

No one size fits all, but whatever suits me.

I want all of it.

I just want,

To be me.

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