By Brittany Tasesa


  • Paying Homage to this Past Season

    So for this new season; I look forward to having a heart that is more open to love, that is no longer terrified at the thought of a relationship, a heart that looks forward to meeting someone who aligns with them on all levels, that is continually learning and growing, a heart which knows it…

  • A Year of Reflections

    Catch me reflecting It has been approximately one year since I started my journey of healing. I expected to enter a new vibration, I knew there would be a glow up – though it fucked me off when people would use that line as though to reassure me because it was super invalidating for what…

  • A Letter to Myself

    I have 206 entires in my Notes app under the folder labelled “blog”. They are quick jottings over the course of two years when I first shot the bullet and started blogging – an external, physical space to pour the multitudes of thoughts and musings – imperative for an over-thinker like myself. A few have…

  • Working Through Heartbreak

    I was a product of what young children were exposed to – princesses aren’t princesses without a prince, girls can’t function without boys, women need men to feel fulfilled and complete themselves.

  • The Bad Parts of Heartbreak

    So I’ve got this pit in my stomach. It won’t go away. But slowly, every so slowly, I think it’s getting a bit easier to breath.

  • Pandemics, lockdowns, breakdowns and break-ups

    I’m all for holding space for others to be vulnerable and encouraging this, yet I realised I rarely let my guard down myself.

  • My Not Pregnancy – Part 9

    Confirmed miscarriage at 12+6 weeks.

  • My Not Pregnancy – Part 8

    My biggest hurdle during this time has been telling my Samoan grandfather. The history I have to compare it with is his reaction when my mum told him she was pregnant at the age of 21 and he proceeded to not speak with her for the entirety of the pregnancy.

  • My Not Pregnancy – Part 7

    I think I’ve started experiencing baby brain. I’ve been doing some research and there’s no specific time when it starts and it’s questionable whether it’s a real thing, but I’m pretty sure I’ve got it.

  • Lockdown Reflections

    I learnt how to manage my emotions by myself, and also how, sometimes, unable I am to manage them by myself too. I came to realise who I can trust and how many people I had been holding at arms length that were essential to me.