By Brittany Tasesa

first trimester

  • My Not Pregnancy – Part 6

    I’ve spent the entire time feeling exhausted, and it’s not just heat and the presence of my raging, party-animal family. By 11 I’m already done for the day and it’s nap time – oh did I mention that was AM?

  • My Not Pregnancy – Part 5

    I am currently trying to come to terms with loss. Not physical loss – loss of opportunities.

  • My Not Pregnancy – Part 4

    It took a ridiculous amount of time to find a place to get my scan, which is surprising considering I am a health professional. I honestly imagined that you just rocked up to the radiology department at the hospital, patted your stomach as the universal sign of cooking a bun in the oven and they…

  • My Not Pregnancy – Part 2

    I didn’t actually click that it was nausea; initially describing it to my mum as starving, but when it was time to eat, I couldn’t stomach looking at any of the food. Sounds kind of like nausea right?

  • My Not Pregnancy – Part 1

    I’ve always wanted to have a family, craved my own children really, but right here in this moment I’m not ready.