Paying Homage to this Past Season

So for this new season; I look forward to having a heart that is more open to love, that is no longer terrified at the thought of a relationship, a heart that looks forward to meeting someone who aligns with them on all levels, that is continually learning and growing, a heart which knows it might make mistakes, but knows that it is always willing to check itself and a heart that will always do its best. There is nothing more that I could ask of myself this season, or the next.

My Not Pregnancy – Part 4

It took a ridiculous amount of time to find a place to get my scan, which is surprising considering I am a health professional. I honestly imagined that you just rocked up to the radiology department at the hospital, patted your stomach as the universal sign of cooking a bun in the oven and they whip you through - free of charge. But no, and it's not just because of my own sheer incompetence +/- a pinch of ignorance but because it turns out when you get pregnant, you literally have do everything yourself.