By Brittany Tasesa

My not pregnancy

  • My Not Pregnancy – Part 10

    I did briefly wonder if it was something I had done…If things had gone to plan, as they rarely do, you would have been born into this crazy world today.

  • My Not Pregnancy – Part 9

    Confirmed miscarriage at 12+6 weeks.

  • My Not Pregnancy – Part 8

    My biggest hurdle during this time has been telling my Samoan grandfather. The history I have to compare it with is his reaction when my mum told him she was pregnant at the age of 21 and he proceeded to not speak with her for the entirety of the pregnancy.

  • My Not Pregnancy – Part 7

    I think I’ve started experiencing baby brain. I’ve been doing some research and there’s no specific time when it starts and it’s questionable whether it’s a real thing, but I’m pretty sure I’ve got it.