By Brittany Tasesa


  • I’m Not Always In Love

    “To expect being in love 24/7 is a myth. If you tell me otherwise then I’ll take that as the exception to the rule and maintain a discerning suspiciousness of your perception of your relationship.”

  • A Year of Reflections

    Catch me reflecting It has been approximately one year since I started my journey of healing. I expected to enter a new vibration, I knew there would be a glow up – though it fucked me off when people would use that line as though to reassure me because it was super invalidating for what…

  • Working Out How to Live For Myself – Part Two

    “Living for yourself; fully and wholeheartedly, is a lifelong process. It is a choice you have to actively make every single day”

  • Working Out How to Live For Myself – Part One

    The reality is, that instead of choosing myself like I thought I was, my choosing of myself was dependent on having a man (in whatever context) that was choosing me too. Knowing me, knowing my little obsessive, overthinking, dramatic, Pisces self, I thought that if I had a man on the side meeting my sexual…